Marwa Fawzy

Jewelry Designer

Marwa Fawzy has an undying passion for design and handmade crafts with an un stoppable fascination with stone, She is a traveler who chases beauty in all its forms then incorporates it in her jewellery wherever it is and however it looks like.
In 2017, she introduced a collection in silver and gold-plated brass. Every Jewel begins as a dream, a thought, which is then translated into a drawing and finally Crafted by Marwa .
Each of her designs tells its own story. Marwa Fawzy’s designs are unique, timeless and elegant treasures for every woman.


The designs are so unique and beautiful. The workman ship and materials are very high and the finishing is beyond amazing. Such lovely pieces which are so unique and a pleasure to wear at all times. The stones also make the pieces so bright and special. Thank you so much for such lovely jewellery
Sally El-Kority
"High taste of classy jewelry, very helpful and fast delivery. Keep going"
Yara lasheen
"Thanks my dear you R really talented n nice character"
Manal El Sherif
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